What’s your paperclip?

We all sell paperclips.


Whatever product or service you’re selling, it’s like a paperclip.

Announce to the world you’re selling paperclips and by-golly you’ll sell some.

Big ones, small ones, colorful ones, sparkly ones…

But which paperclips are you most passionate about?  Which ones do you have the most fun selling?  Because ultimately you’ll be successful when you match a keen sense of business with a passion for what you are doing.

Once you know what your paperclip is, you can define your ideal client.

Who buys the sparkly paperclip? 

Follow your tribe

Knowing who buys sparkly paperclips is great… but you should also know where they hang out.  If cancer patients buy sparkly clips, go where the cancer patients are.  If highfalutin corporate big-wigs are buying the sparkly clips, go where they are.

Go where your tribe is.  Attend the same events as those buying your sparkly paperclips, and that’s what you’ll sell.  You’ll always sell a variety of clips, but focusing your efforts on the sparkly ones will ultimately bring you better clients and more money.

So what’s YOUR paperclip?


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