Twits, Twats, and That Other Thing…

goldfish 4 croppedIf one believes everything one hears, a twit is a pregnant goldfish (impossible!), a twat is a twit (confused yet?) and all have been used as reference to that other thing… the Tweet.

Between liking, joining, following, and twit-twatting – euh, tweeting – it’s no wonder one has a hard time following the going-on’s as we join the conversation that is social media. As we shift from wall-flowers to social butterflies, we become evangelists of the new and improved; suddenly, we’re all experts! But a conversation remains as such whether in person, on the phone, or the ever-popular model: online. Some say that “many conversants develop strategies of achieving successful conversation over the course of their lives”. Does that mean then, that unless one is a sociologist, one is never really an expert at conversation?
The premise can also be applied to bookkeeping. As one embarks on the journey of entrepreneurship, we attempt to embrace all aspects of business regardless of our level of expertise in the matter. Most believe they are moseying along just fine but evidence may point to the contrary. Are we really succeeding in this thing called business? Are we simply attempting to follow the conversation, pretending to swim, while urgently grasping the edge of the pool?
Perhaps this is a good time for us all to measure our success in all areas of our business and admit that we simply just can’t do it all; a time to take inventory of our shortcomings and call in the experts where needed.  Whether the experts change your landscaping or merely dig up the weeds, the finished product is sure to bloom brightly. And who knows, you may even end up with a brand new pond full of twits 🙂

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