Tax Preparation Software: small Shark, BIG Shark

tax scrabbleIt’s TAX TIMEExcited yet? I am, but that’s because I have a secret to share with you. It may not be as exciting as lunchroom gossip about who’s crushing on whom, but stick with me on this one 😉 .


The One That Got Away

When was the last time you ran into someone you knew from high school but just couldn’t place them? You’re sitting there wondering: “I should remember her! Gorgeous, well-spoken, funny, successful… shit! I’m sure I didn’t date her… (hmm, maybe I should have), I would have remembered – I think. ”


Then it hits you. Like a ton of bricks. Hard.

She’s the weird girl no one really spoke to ‘cause she had big hair, big glasses and a mouth full of braces. Once the shock wears off all you can really think is that she’s done really well for herself!


It’s amazing what a good haircut, a flattering wardrobe, and growing up can do to one’s image. Your early twenties are spent getting an education, finding a job, maybe even getting your own place. You didn’t morph from adolescence to adulthood overnight!


And What Does This Have To Do With My Taxes?

GenuTax is that girl! Daddy’s trust fund (à la Veronica Lodge) doesn’t exist and she may not have access to the capital needed for expensive makeovers and a marketing campaign that will blow the big sharks out of the water.


What she does have is a unique product you should be using if you plan on doing your own taxes.


GenuTax is a revolutionary – get this – multiyear tax software product for Canadian taxpayers. That’s right! MULTIYEAR! You pay ONCE – $39.99 – and every year you get the updated software for free! I’ll put up with the braces for life if I don’t have to keep paying for expensive tax software each and every year!


The How-To’s And What-Not’s

Unlike some of the pretty packages out there this one has no income level limitations or extra fees per return. Whether you made $10 or $200k, whether you’re paying taxes or getting a hunk of change back – the cost doesn’t change. Bonus: preparing a tax return – even as a sole proprietor – is easy.


You must choose between the streamlined or comprehensive interview (unless you’re 100% sure you know what you’re doing, choose the comprehensive interview – that way you’re sure not to miss anything). Baring any complications (such has not having your information and tax slips handy) you should be done in 30 minutes. Enter your personal information, (and that of your spouse and children if applicable); enter your T4’s etc on forms that look just like your tax slips; click ‘No’ for any question that doesn’t apply to you. Voila! Print or Netfile your return and you’re done! Missed something? Going back is easy!


No Catch – Pinky-Swear

How do I know all this? I’m not just Superwoman – I’ve been using this software for my own returns (and my friends and family) since 2007! It has never once disappointed. As an income tax preparer I’ve tested many programs out there but not one has been as easy to use as GenuTax while maintaining the same level of accuracy.


My experience with most ‘easy-to-use’ programs is that unless you know your way around a tax return you’ll miss out on a lot of credits. Follow the GenuTax comprehensive interview you’ll always maximize your tax return.


Don’t Let Her Be “The One That Got Away” – and DO Kiss & Tell!

Years from now the cool dude will run into her at the mall; he’ll wonder why he didn’t give her a chance ‘way-back-when’ while you’re sitting at home enjoying your gorgeous, funny, successful wife.


Sexy is not just looks – it’s the woman inside that counts. The pretty rich girls have enough dates to last through college – give this girl a chance and take her out for a spin. Then come back and tell us all about it!

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