Your paperwork piles rival those of my laundry and you’ve reached the ‘Oh Crap’ stage.

It’s OK.  We’ve got this!

What this means for you is we’ll get you caught up & filed.  You’ll get a shiny new system that will make it easy for you to stay up to date.

Better still?  We’ll show you how to use it.  We’ve eliminated a lot of accounting jargon in our set-ups and replaced them with phrases like, ‘Money In My Hands’, ‘Money In The Bank’, &  ‘Money People Owe Me’.  I want you to not only have all the numbers, but to actually understand what you see on a report.

Speaking of which, you’ll be able to see – at the click of a button – your year-to-day profit, how much you owe in GST/HST (if you had to file today), how much you’ve lent the business or paid yourself, and much more.  I’ll show you how the Income Statement – What You Made, What You Spent & the Balance Sheet – What You Have, What You Owe – can help you make important business decisions.

What have you got to lose?  More hours worrying about how much you owe?  A few more handfuls of hair from trying to do this alone?

The days aren’t moving any slower.  Let’s get this taken care of so you can move on to living life to the fullest.