Shoebox-Be-Gone is to Quickbooks what Ty Pennington is to ‘Extreme Makeover’

Most people who choose to use a computerized accounting software go through the following steps:

(1) Spend a decent chunk of change to buy QuickBooks software package (or another program)
(2) You still don’t know what to do with it, so you spend another chunk to have someone come in and set it up for you.
(3) Wow – You’ve spent all this money and you have a great system that you still don’t know how to use!  How useful is that?

The workaround

Shoebox-Be-Gone has been offering Custom QuickBooks Set-Ups since 2007!  We build your company file in a way that makes sense (we use an account-numbering structure preferred by accounting firms, amongst other things) and give you a 15 page process books that shows you exactly what you need to do, step-by-step, to do your own bookkeeping in 1 hour or less / month!  Imagine all the free time you’d have?  We soon came to realize that more people needed to have access to our to set-ups.

The “Extreme Makeover” as explained to Women & Men

The Ladies:

QuickBooks isn’t the prettiest right out of the box!  It needs gastric bypass, lyposuction, and many cosmetic surgeries!  It’s also not the most funcional:  you need to teach it how to walk and talk like a lady! Our Custom Set-Ups have gone through the transformations and is ready to use!  It looks pretty and pulls reports your accountant will be excited to look at!

The Men:

Quickbooks is the foundation your crappy house is sitting on.  We’ve bulldozed it and re-built it from scratch to give you a product that not only looks good but does everything you need it to do.  Bonus, we’re also showing you how it all works so you can spend your time enjoying your system rather than constantly playing around trying to fix it.

In both cases, I found myself thinking: “too bad for all the trademark issues… I could have called this ‘Extreme Makeover QuickBooks’ Edition!’.  IP law makes it virtually impossible to use that name, but I can  make the comparison thought!

Bottom line

Shoebox-Be-Gone is to QuickBooks what Ty Pennington is to ‘Extreme Makeover – Home Edition’!

We’ve recently launched a ‘off the shelf’ version of our Custom QuickBooks Set-Ups.  Interested in purchasing the system?  Check out our E-Cart!  Interested in selling our products to your clients? Send an email to and get started today!


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