Printing Shminting – Retiring that ‘ole inkjet!

The Printing House sign from 1967 – a.k.a. The Printing House – is your one-stop shop for all your printing needs. Seriously. Need 1 custom brochure holder for that tradeshow booth? No problem. 50 stickers? Got it! 5000 business cards? Done!


I’ve been in business for a while, and I’ve done the whole tradeshow thing, the networking thing… All in a day’s work. I love the business development aspect of entrepreneurship, but I hate the ‘materials’ development process.


A Scenario…

Who’s with me on this one? You create a kick-ass brochure but the printers won’t give you less than a thousand copies; oh, and it’s going to take 2 weeks before its all ready! Funny thing is, you know you won’t be using more than 50 or so before the information is no longer relevant. Your choice becomes providing sub-par ‘print-at-home’ materials or indebting yourself (and increasing your carbon footprint) to get the large-run.


The phone rings and you find out you’re about to land the account of a lifetime, if only you can fly down in 2 days to meet with the board. Crap. You’re sub-par option is no longer an option, but you can’t wait two weeks, this deal is happening now!


The Solution…

Here’s where an awesome company like TPH comes in – Not only can they print on-demand, they can also print as many (or as little) as you need! Flying to Vancouver for a tradeshow? They’ll work the magic of the internet and have your order ready for you… in Vancouver! That’s right – no shipping costs, and no need to travel awkwardly with bulky, heavy promo materials.


YOUR Bottom Line

Bottom line is they can work with you to find an option that meets your needs, your budget, and your timelines.   Need 1 tomorrow, the rest in two weeks? They can do that!


The powers-that-be at TPH have recently revamped their website – you should check it out! I’m so excited after seeing everything they have to offer that I’m now imagining a million little projects I could *finally* get done :).


Project: World Domination… Muahaha!

You CAN be an emerging entrepreneur, operate a profitable business, AND have a professional public image – you just need the right tools.  In this case the tool is a service provider that is truly unique in the industry, allowing you to focus on managing and building your business while keeping overhead costs affordable.

Check them out – you won’t be disappointed!

logo, the printing house


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