One size does NOT fit all!

white sling-back pumpsOn a recent hunt for the ultimate sling-back pump, I found an uber-cute pair of shoes I just had to try on! I asked the associate to bring me a size seven; as she approached me, box in hand, my heart skipped a beat I was so excited! She hands over the box, announcing they are all out of size sevens, but would I like to try the nine? …Excuse me?  Size 9? As in TWO sizes biggerthan I requested? On what planet would that shoe fit me?

In bookkeeping – as in hats, clothing, and shoes – one size does not always fit all. The direct-sales representative’s needs are different than those of a big-box corporation. The cupcake lady has different tracking requirements than those of a marketing consultant. There are several well-known accounting packages out there – but you may find it difficult to navigate (and quite frankly, sometimes useless) if your transaction volume is fairly low.
Is your current system working for you? What changes could you make to streamline your processes? Now is a great time to evaluate your real bookkeeping needs, to assess the efficiency of your current methods, and pinpoint key changes that must to be made. The next step? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
What have you changed today? Are your shoes too big to fill? Comment for your chance to win some great prizes!
~The Shoebox-Be-Gone Team

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