LOVING my new Surface Pro

I’ve said it before – use the right tools for YOUR business… Except, I really (I mean, really!) wanted a tablet.  We bought one for my mom a year ago when she was going through some  medical stuff that left her pretty much house bound and wheelchair bound.

I’d go over to visit, grab the iPad and ‘play’.  I longed for one myself.  Being on the road all day, every day – a tablet would be much easier to lug around than a laptop.  A tablet would make it easier to show the functionalities of the tools I’ve developed… but my requirements were pretty specific:

  • It needed to run Windows – there’s no sense me having a tablet if I can’t run QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Excel, and Photoshop – tools I use on a daily basis.
  • Speaking of tools – it had to be quick.  Those applications are huge memory-sucks, so I need at least 4G of ram.

That’s pretty much it!  Easy right?  Except most Windows tablets only had 2G of ram.  So I waited, and maybe wept a little when my laptop bag broke and I couldn’t find a suitable replacement.

Then I found… the Surface Pro.  It’s tax season – I haven’t watched TV in ages, I haven’t seen the commercials for it – and when I told JF that it was time, I had to find something better, he did some research and showed me the Surface Pro tablet.  Well, really, it’s not a tablet – it just looks like one.  It’s a full computer.  Dual Core processor, 4G of ram, solid state drive… 4G of ram! And it runs Windows 8. <cue the angels harping>

So I jumped.  I made the leap; well, he jumped and leaped and bought me an early mother’s day gift – and I ABSOLUTELY adore my new tablet.  It’s only been a week, but I suspect our relationship  has been solidified.

Like the right life mate, the right tablet is worth waiting for.  I’m glad I waited, and also ecstatic at all the new opportunities ahead.

You want a shiny new toy?  I get it – trust me.  But make sure it’s the right toy for you.  I have to say though, I’d be hard pressed to find a reason *not* to get the Surface Pro!

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