Local Focus: Amanda May Lingerie

I love working with the small business community in Ottawa, and I love to hear exceptional success stories.

Amanda May Lingerie – a high-end, sophisticated lingerie boutique located in the prestigious Byward Market – is a haven of provocative lingerie pieces in the ranges of A-K cup and 28-38 bands.

Now just you wait a minute!

How in the bejesus does lady underthings and frilly bits have anything to do on a business blog?  And how can a store that is only opening tomorrow be considered an exceptional success story?

Easy!  Amanda May is a vibrant young woman who knew she wasn’t cut out for the corporate world.  She ‘saved up shit-load of cash’, quit her job, and built this beautiful business.  No partners, no investors, no loans.  Just a woman on a mission with a healthy savings account.  To keep things on the right track, she tackled the store renos herself – including the flooring! “I love  that I can use my creativity to bring these collections together and creating beautiful things while still being my geeky self working on the back-end of my business” she told me at her launch party.

She’s looked ahead and made smart purchasing decisions.  A small-busted woman and a curvy one can’t wear the same bra no matter how they try.  She’s purchased the right pieces in the right size for the women who’ll be wearing them.  She’s flown out of the corporate nest to fly on her own and she’s doing it!

I speak often about Formula 4 Success – building a business on cash; paying yourself a salary, covering business expenses and still have money left over to grow.  Her meticulous planning, incredible creativity and business acumen are a formula for success, and I look forward to watching her take over the world!

Check out Amanda May Lingerie at 203 Dalhousie in the Byward Market.  Amanda said it herself: If you wear a band 28-38 and she doesn’t have your size, she’ll buy you lunch!

May Lingerie Launch Party

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