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beans with social media iconsI love social media so much I chose to spend a gorgeous summer Saturday at Ottawa’s first Social Media Learnathon, Social Capital. We discussed marketing channels, plans and strategies, the ‘why’ of it all. There was live blogging and tweeting, the food was amazing, and all the cool kids were there.

Social media is what the cool kids are doing, and it’s no surprise the event sold out. While it was nice to hang with the IN crowd, I feel bad for other aspects of entrepreneurship that aren’t as much fun. We care about the cool aspects of our business while the losers sit alone in the corner. Debits, credits, and bank recs – a.k.a. The Beans – are the weird kids; most of us don’t really ‘get’ them and socialmatics dictates that WEIRD = NOT COOL!

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Weird is the NEW cool!  

Nick Charney and Joe Bougher entertained us as they volleyed their opinions on change management openly and frankly. The guy behind Brandvelope, @DenVan, said when trying to invoke change, use the Cold-Slap-Warm-Hug-Solution approach.  While this certainly has its merits, I’m going to err on the side of caution with this one. A cold slap across the face doesn’t seem conducive to liking (especially if you’re the ‘weird one’ to start off with), and according to Scott Stratten hugs in a business setting can get awkward – and I’m not about to start walking around with waiver forms. But those solutions things have me pondering…can bean-counting turn things around and join the cool crowd? What if we replaced the words ‘social marketing’ with ‘bookkeeping’?


Social marketing requires more than just doing. Craig Fitzpatrick of SWIX says we need a plan, a strategy; we need to define and measure our goals. Kneal Mann says we need to ask ourselves “Why?”  He also says his bank manager doesn’t care about his Klout score. We have marketing plans, acquisition plans, evacuation plans…. but what about ‘em beans?

SOLUTION: I’m going to invite the weird kids to the party! 

You should connect with them! I’m sure if we got to know The Beans better we’d ultimately discover that, similar to those weird kids in high school, they’re really just like the rest of us: an integral part of our business that want to be included in the conversation.

Don’t let the bullies fool you: bean-counting does have its place at the cool table.

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