John Oliver takes opportunity by the balls and runs with it

Or rather… he soared with it.

I’ve never been much of a fan of the late night talk TV scene and prefer to get my news and political commentary from Twitter.  J-F, however, is a huge fan of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.  After almost 5 years I’ve come to appreciate Jon Stewart’s ability to speak on current events with a perfect mixture of wit, humour, and fact.

Until he went away for the summer and left John Oliver in charge.   Now?

I’m John Oliver’s biggest fan.

Some would say he’s lucky to have landed such an opportunity.  Oprah would disagree and say that luck is preparation meeting opportunity – you have to be ready for the opportunity when it comes along, else you wouldn’t be ‘lucky’.

A stint as a host of The Daily Show would throw many for a loop.  How do you ‘become’ Jon Stewart?  Will the fans like me?  Will the show be good enough?

Instead of pretending (and ultimately fail) to be Jon he rocked the show with his own unique blend of humour, intellect, and personality.  He’s hilarious.  He’s on-point.

He took advantage of this very unique situation and showed the world what he was truly made of.  He took opportunity by the balls and soared.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he landed his own show in the next few years.  You heard it here first 😉



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