Your shoebox is unique to you - as should your bookkeeping practices. Shoebox-Be-Gone tailors our products and services to your business, making it easy and painless to get - and stay - up-to-date with your bookkeeping, remittances, and income taxes.

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Why Us

Bookkeeping made easy... guaranteed!  


Why Shoebox-Be-Gone? Because we're different, that's why! We understand that running your business has taken priority over your bookkeeping; we understand that as you go through the mail you'll put aside what is obviously a bank statement. What's the point? You know what you spent and how much money you have (thank you, internet banking!). Into the Leaning Tower of Stuff it goes, to be dealt with at tax time (or not...).

Sounds familiar? Micro-businesses, the direct sales industry, emerging entrepreneurs... we all face the same issue:  limited resources has forced us into a position of 'jack-of-all-trades' and bookkeeping fell to the bottom of the list.


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